About ECE’s Founder

Fred started out his professional career as an United States Air Force Aircraft Maintenance Officer. Much of his experience was managing fighter aircraft with assignments all over the world.  Most of his assignments (and his preferred assignments) were on the flight line, but he also filled two MAJCOM staff billets (one on the TAC IG Team) and billets at the Pentagon and the Defense Logistics Agency.  His undergraduate degree is a BS in Electrical Engineering and his graduate degree is a Masters in Public Administration.

For the last 25 years, he has been involved in the audio-visual industry as an engineer, project manager, assistant division manager, general manager and start-up of ECE.  Of the 25 years, 23 have been specifically in the museum electronic and media exhibit arena.  The preponderance of that time was spent with Design and Production Inc., in Lorton, VA and the rest in creating Exhibit Control Engineering.

To see some of Fred’s more memorable projects, click on this link:  Some of Fred’s Favorite Projects

To see a curriculum vitae that lists most the projects Fred has been involved with over the last twenty-five years click on the link that follows.  Remember for each project, he either project managed, designed or programmed (and sometimes all three).  And for all of them, he ultimately ensured that the project was delivered satisfactorily to the end client.

Curriculum Vitae