Five Input Serial Commander w/Feedback

5input SerialOne of the main purposes for the Serial Commander was to give kiosk designers a way to provide visitors an interface with an mpeg or PC based system without the use of keyboards and mice. So providing button input to RS232 was a perfect solution. However, many museum content designers wanted to provide user button feedback in these kiosks. So we developed this version of the Serial Commander. It only has five inputs for visitor input, but it also has five outputs to illuminate the five buttons. The PC conveys which of the buttons to illuminate via a serial string back to the Commander and can change them at any time. Now the designer can have the buttons illuminate however they want for attract purposes. If the visitor is selecting a video or audio to play, the designer can extinguish all button lights except for the one playing for visual feedback. Or, they can do a light dance as a pay off if the visitor correctly responds to the exhibit. In this version, we also provide diagnostic LEDs which indicate positive contact closure input and reflect the state of the outputs for development and installation purposes.



  • Five Input Serial Commander w/Feedback = $240