10-Amp Power Controller

10AmpWe have always wondered why power controllers like AMX’s PC1 and Lowell Manufacturing’s RPC-1 had to be so bulky and heavy.  Turns out it isn’t much of a secret:  They have to transform the logic circuit’s power from 120vac.  That means a big heavy transformer and the electronics.  We decided it might be nice to have a small, wall wart size, power controller that might fit better between displays mounted on walls.  So, this is our version of a power controller.  Getting rid of the size and weight did require some trade offs.  Basically, we needed to go from a contact closure control to one where you apply a voltage to activate it.  The normal configuration of this device uses a control voltage of 9 to 15vdc.  However, if you want to use it with a Crestron system or a PLC with a 24vdc power supply, we can custom modify it for this increased voltage at no additional cost.  Recently we have also made a version that can be activated by a micro-controller chip’s IO (Atmel, PIC type chips or mini-controllers like Arduino, Beaglebone, RaspberryPi) of 3.0 to 5.0 DC volts and less than 10ma of current draw.  So If a smaller AC power controller might better fit into your designs, click on the image above for a larger view and on this link for the manual:  Power Controller Manual



  • 10 Amp Power Controller – $125.00