High Intensity LED Dimmer System

HighINtensity2 HighINtensity3 HighINtensity

This LED dimmer control is designed to be used with high intensity 12-watt LED arrays produced by TT Electronics and associated companies.  If other similar LED arrays are desired, we could test them for compatibility.  The controller requires a 24 vdc power supply capable of supplying over 6.4 Amps of current.  The controller comes with four contact closure inputs. Two of the contact closures will provide 10 second ramp time for dimming and ramping up the LED light intensity.  The other two contact closure inputs provide a five second ramp and fade time.  Interrupting any of the four inputs before the end of dimming range has been reach will result in the light intensity holding at that level until a new input.  All LED current sources are fuse protected as is the power supply.  The dimming curves a very smooth in either direction.  Other dimming curves could be developed for additional cost. Click on the image for a closer view of the electronics.

A complete system could be provided which would include:

  • Control circuit
  • Power supply with cooling fan
  • Nine ea: 12-watt LED arrays (providing over 5,000 lumens)
  • External wiring connections via Phoenix style screw connectors
  • Interconnect wiring for all LED arrays (~15 feet each)
  • All electronics except for the LED arrays housed in a NEMA box with clear top with thermostatically controlled forced air cooling.

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