Motion Volume Commander

MotionVolumeCommanderIn addition to the IR Vol Commando, we have a volume controller designed to solve a specific problem in the museum industry, the Motion Volume Commander.  Typically most museums experience a broad range of visitor through-put in their exhibits and galleries.  It can range from just a few people during off-peak times to hundreds of people during peak periods. These ranges can be experienced daily or seasonally.  Regardless, it results in a difficult situation of manually adjusting audio levels by the museum staff to meet the changing environment.

This solution uses a motion detector input to control the volume of the audio.  If no motion detector hits occur in a fixed length of time, the controller will drive the audio level to a user settable low level.  When “hit” with motion, it will ramp the volume up smoothly to a louder setting, once again user settable.  This device is totally autonomous so that it is able to be employed even in exhibits with little or no control devices.  It just plugs in between the audio source and the amplifier, with as many motion control devices tied to it as needed.


  • Motion Volume Commander                                                    $300