KB Commando (USB Keyboard Emulator)

USB KB Commando

We have come across a few cases where an exhibit producer wanted to provide visitor input into a Windows PC but did not want to give the visitor complete access to the the PC via a keyboard. So we developed the KB Commando which provides any contact closure (or if desired TTL inputs) into USB keyboard signals. The output can be single keyboard key strokes, sequential keyboard inputs (like typing strings) or multiple-simultaneous key board inputs like alt or control plus other keyboard strokes. Each commando provides for up to eight contact closure inputs. Need more than eight, just add enough Commandos to add contact closure inputs. Each Commando will have a customized contact closure input to your specified keyboard output.

A year or so ago, we were asked if we get figure out a way to control an Android 4.0 Mini PC to use in a video kiosk. We had an Android developer make a program that would respond to our Commando’s key stroke outputs. This proved to be very doable. Unfortunately, the interested party lost interest, but we still have this concept on the back burner.

In any case, if you find it easier to write content that uses keyboard input or are using a commercial program that uses keyboard control but want to limit the amount of keyboard control the visitor has, this is the ticket. It can come as a bare PCB on standoffs or in a neat little plastic enclosure.


  • USB KB Commando w/Case   –  $215.00
  • USB KB Commando w/o Case – $185.00