Motion Detector Interface

Over the years we have incorporated many motion detectors into museum exhibits but these systems were always integrated with a master controller.  Therefore we could put whatever logic we wanted into the interface between the motion detector and the exhibit it was triggering.  Lately, there seems to be a lot of interest in interfacing a motion detector with the media device directly without a master control system.  So, we reviewed all the things we have done in the past with motion detectors and control systems and put them in a little piece of electronics that merely acts as an interface between the motion detector and the device to be controlled.

Most motion detectors provide the capability to adjust sensitivity and antenna pattern but not too much more.  If you need to adjust the length of time for the trigger output, delay its action or lock it out for some period of time after the “show” has ended and the device to be triggered does not have ways of accomplishing this kind of logic, this device is the ticket. We have three operational modes for this device and three configuration settings.

The three operational modes are a delayed trigger, a signal lockout when the “show” is playing and an exit lockout.  Why would want a delay between motion detector trigger and the actual media play?  The most likely scenario is if you put the motion detector up stream in the visitor’s path and want to delay the start of the show by the approximate time of arrival at the exhibit.  The time range for this value is none to 63+ seconds.  Next, more often than not, the designer does not want follow on motion detector hits to interrupt the show once it has started, hence we provide a show time lockout which can be zero up to 17 minutes.  And finally, there may betimes when you want to allow the exhibit to recover to its ambient state or do not want the motion to trigger another show as the audience is departing (with motion) the show area.  Here you would use the exit delay time of none to 63+ seconds.  All of these settings are user settable using potentiometers on the on the printed circuit board.  The range for all of these times can be changed for custom orders.  The three configuration settings allow you to integrate the device with different input and output signals.

Please consider this device whenever you want to interface a motion detector to a media device.  Check out the manual for additional information:  Motion Detector Interface Manual.


  • Motion Detector Interface w/Case   –  $215.00
  • Motion Detector Interface w/o Case – $185.00