System Design

For museum exhibits and galleries that require inter-activity or automation and that employ electronic media, audio-visual devices or electro-mechanical equipment.  

We also design conventional audio-visual systems for such functions as corporate boardrooms, operational command centers, presentation facilities and computer classrooms.

AMX NetLinx Design and Programming

Fully proficient in the design, programming and installation of AMX equipment used both in museums and conventional audio-visual systems.  Maintained AMX ACE Certification through 2009.

steppermotorCustom Electronic Circuit Design and PCB Fabrication

Design and fabricate custom electronic circuits to provide control and interface functions not available at a reasonable cost, if at all, in off-the-shelf electronic components.  All printed circuit boards are commercially manufactured.

Reverse Engineering

Provide reverse engineering of existing museum exhibits/galleries for the following purposes:

  • Correct engineering deficiencies or component failures
  • Update to newer or more supportable technologies and electronic products
  •  Modifications for new requirements or capabilities
  • Salvaging exhibits that did not achieve their original performance specifications

Augment Museum Staffs for In-House Projects

Most Museum organizations have many talented people in their exhibit staffs, for example: carpentry craftsmen, AV technicians and electricians.  Usually, however, they lack some of the essential skills required to do a complete exhibit, especially if it is interactive or electronic media intense.  ECE can help these organizations create worldclass exhibits using their own resources augmented by ECE and/or other companies we have teamed with previously.  We can augument your team in areas such as installation, integration, lighting, graphics and media production.  Contact us to explore how we can help you create that center piece exhibit or gallery that you are leery of tackling by yourself.