The Serial Commander was designed to provide an economical solution for an exhibit or kiosk which only needed contact closure to serial string control.  It has been used for media players (for example three Adtec Edjes in synchronization) based on a motion detector trigger or visitor interaction via buttons.  It also has been used to provide visitor input to PC computer exhibits and issue commands to serial controlled devices based on sensors inputs such as paper out, limit switches and optically interrupted IR beams.  It has been used to control pan/tilt/zoom cameras and it has been used to convert one string command input to another type string output.  Its most appealing feature is its cost.  If you only need one serial port and up to eight contact closures inputs for your project, its cost is 20 percent the MRSP of AMX equipment needed to do the same functions.  Even with a steep discount on the AMX gear the Serial Commander is one third the cost.  click on the image of our current two versions.

Another series of products are the 4-20ma current loop to RS232 converters.  These two devices allow controllers with a RS232 port to either generate a 4-20ma current to communicate with a PLC or read a 4-20ma sensor/PLC and convert it to  rs232 string.  Probably not high demand type items, but they are very accurate and when you need them there is nothing else out there.


Serial Commander Series 

RS232 to 4-20ma  Transmitter


4-20ma to RS232 Receiver