ECE’s range of products include AMX Friendly hardware and software, Audio, Lighting & LED, Communications, Power Controllers and more.  Here are a few of the most recent additions:

NEW for 2017:  ECE’s Motion Detector Interface

We used motion detectors extensively to interact with unsuspecting visitors  In most cases we were using a control system master and thus could limit or change the motion detector’s operation to suit the desires of the designer.  Lately, we’ve seen a demand for motion detectors to trigger stand alone exhibits (where there is no master controller to provide this logic).  On a quick turn project, we used our General Purpose Interactive Exhibit Controller to serve this purpose.  We then decided maybe we could put all of the tricks we have used in the past with a master controller into a little interface that could configured by the user on site.  And thus we developed our Motion detector Interface.  To learn more click on this link:  Motion Detector Interface

NEW for 2017:  ECE’s Microwave Motion Detector

We’ve been on the search for the last several years to find a microwave motion detector, suitable for the museum environment at the price point of $100.  We even considered developing one ourselves, but then we found this unit.  It uses the same microwave module from Germany that most of the door motion detectors use.  For more information, click on this link:  Microwave Motion Detector