Archived Products

DVDCommBasic DVD Commander

This device was designed to provide four contact closure button control for Pioneer DVD-V7200 and V7400 and Philips Pro-175 DVD units (all of which are now obsolete) in an exhibit or kiosk environment.  We are revamping the product to be compatible with the new line of Pioneer DVD players: V5000 and V8000.  Click on image for closer view.

serial-firstSerial Commander, first edition

Seen at right is the very first version. (Click on image for larger view.)   It provides 12 inputs and has quite a bit of capability for transmitted strings, depending on the controller we use.  We designed it very quickly for an application where it controlled a Sony EVI-D30 pan/tilt/zoom camera, with inputs for pan, tilt, zoom, focus, presets, and auto and manual focus. There were two cameras used in a children’s space simulator.  We designed it so fast that we didn’t even include mounting holes.  It was from this device that we progressed in the following versions.

6-Input Serial6-Input Serial Commander

In this version, we change the controller chip where we are more limited on inputs and memory but which allowed us to increase the range of baud to 115,200 and allowed more demanding receive string parsing.