LED & Lighting

ECE has developed several products in this category.  The main attraction is our LED Commander Series.  It can animate numerous LED circuits to produce moving affects in signs, relief maps and anywhere one might consider a fiber optic light show.  We also have a high intensity LED dimmer system which was developed for large dimmable light boxes but could be used in other circumstances as well.  One of our newer products that we are very excited about is the DMX Commander.  Essentially, it converts contact closure or TTL signals into customized DMX action.   We have also developed specialized LED control boards for controlling chase LED strips and elegant dimming of RGB and HI-output LEDs.  We have also developed a number of 7-segment LED digital displays that are useful components of museum exhibits.  Our very latest additions is a Neopixel LED strip chase controller.  Click on any of these products for more information them.

 LED-Commander HighINtensity

LED Commander Series

High Intensity LED Dimmer System


TriLight Commander

DMX Commander

7-Segment Counters/Timers

Tri-LED Ramp Commanders

LED Chase Controller

RS232 to Six Digit Numerical Displays


Neopixel LED Chase Controller