Chase LED Controller

While we were developing the TRI-LED Ramp Commander, we realized more and more short comings with the Chase LED Kits that can be economically purchased online.  The first was it took an IR hand held controller to activate them.  Also, there was no way to easily reverse the direction of chase.  You couldn’t fade the chases on or off (unless you used our TRI-LED Ramp Commander).  And finally, there were only eight chase speeds that you could select from.  So we decided to develop the Chase LED Commander to resolve all those short comings.  And, this solution would not require you to use the kit controller that comes with the standard LED chase LEDs.

The Chase LED Cmdr has outputs for the three LED circuits and can handle up to about 5 amps of 12vdc current.  It has two contact closure (or when configured, TTL) inputs:  one to trigger the chase sequence on and off and one to reverse the chase sequence.  There are two potentiometers, one controls the speed of the sequence.  The speed can be fast enough, you barely see the direction of motion and slow enough you can almost see each LED turn on and off..  The other pot controls the fade time with a range between less than 0.3 of a second to approximately 12 seconds.  All of this provides a significant amount of capability over the commercial LED chase controllers.  This device only comes in the bare PCB mounted on stand offs.


  • Chase LED Commander   –  $250.00