Inputs & Sensors

In this category we currently have several standalone products.  The first is our USB Commando.  Need to get “alien” inputs into a computer?  This device has eight IOs that we can configure as digital inputs, digital outputs (sinking 500ma of current).  We can also configure four of the IO’s as analog inputs accepting 0-5vdc.  Check it out.

Next is a large capacitive touch switch with feedback which we think is most unique.  It can operate standalone with the feedback shapes embedded in it or in conjunction with a control device which directs what feedback should be displayed.  We expect to develop a lot of custom electronics with this technology including a RS232 version and a USB version.

The next item is the 15-to-4 decoder which helps reduce the number of inputs you need for fifteen switches to four.  It helps ameliorate the problem when you need more switch inputs than you have IOs.

If you need to interface a 4-20ma capable sensor, check out our 4-20ma to RS232 receiver and transmitter.

And finally, two new additions, first is our motion detector interface.   It solves problems when you need some control logic between a motion detector and the media device it is to control  without an integrated control master.  The second is a microwave motion detector for $100.

Anther recent add is our Rotary Encoder switch.  Rotary encoder switches have come into vogue over the last several years.  We tried  to make ours a little less susceptible to switch bounce.  Take a look at an oscilloscope of the output pulse for ours.

 USB Commando Touch Commander - 1

USB Commando

Touch Commander

Power Current Sensor

Fifteen Switch Encoder


4-20ma to RS232 Receiver

RS232 to 4-20ma  Transmitter

Motion Detector Interface

Microwave Motion Detector

Rotary Encoder


USB KB Commando