Power Current Sensor

Power Current Sensor

Sometime back, AMX made a device called a PCS – Power Sensor.  They have since ceased production, although they still make a dual version of it.  We felt like the single version, in many cases was more practical than the dual version.  So, we have developed our own current sensor that provides a solid state type contact closure (grounded signal via an open collector transistor) when the current through the device is above a user settable level.  There is a visual indication of when the current level has been exceeded (red LED) and the adjustment can be made by a potentiometer which can be accessed on the left side of the plastic case.  Click on the image for a larger view.

Not only can this device be used with NetLinx to provide feedback when an IR controlled device is on or off, it could also be used with our Serial Commander or a PLC input to provide the power status of a device and trigger some appropriate action.  It does require DC power (9-15vdc) that could be provided from the NetLinx power supply.

Click the image above for a larger view.  Click here to view the installation manual:   Power Current Sensor Installation Manual


  • Current/Power Sensor $125