We have several products in this category.  First we have a series of digital message repeaters for use in kiosks or as ambient audio.  We have two control versions: serial and button.  All of our button models can provide button feedback for either LEDs or 12-volt incandescent lights.  The can also come with or without a 15-watt class “A-B” amplifier.

Next, we had an AV integrator ask us to develop a way to control four channels of audio volume via IR remote control.  While developing that system, it occurred to us that if we changed the IR control to contact closure that might make a very useful product for museums with audio exhibits without an automated control system.  We have three products fully developed in this category that can control up to 16 audio channels and we are developing one more.

Then we had another request for a single channel amplifier, capable of 15 watts of power, so we developed our first Class “D” Amplifier.  Check out these units to see if they can help you with your project.

Audio Products


Digital Message Repeater

Audio Vol Controllers


Mono Class “D” Amp