USB Commando

USB CommandoHave you ever needed to interface a Window’s PC program with an “alien” input from the real world?  Contact closures or an analog voltage signal?  Or, have you ever needed the PC to control a bi-state device, like a relay, 12-volt incandescent light or LED, on and off?  Well the USB Commando is our solution for this issue.  It has 8 I/Os that we can mix and match to almost any configuration.  We could make all eight IOs digital inputs reporting contact closures from the physical world.  Or, we could configure all eight for digital outputs (open collector) that can each sink up to 500ma at 30vdc.  Or, we could mix them up in any ratio from 7:1 to 1:7.  We could also configure four of them for analog voltage inputs from 0.0 to 5.0vdc in 4.89mv increments (or 1024 levels) and make the remaining IOs either digital inputs or outputs.  The Commando adheres to the Microsoft Human Interface Device (HID) standard making it easy to create programs for and doesn’t require any special drivers or .dlls other than what comes packaged in Microsoft Windows.  To see a larger image, click on the picture above.  Or, click on this link for the USB Commando Manual.

USB Commando Manual


  • USB Commando  –  $245.00