TriLight Commander


The TriLight Commander provides a contact closure interface for up to three analog voltage controlled dimmer circuits.  When it was originally designed, it was to ramp each circuit from a predetermined low light level (or off) to a specified higher light level (or full on) based on a motion detector input.  After a specified time of no motion detector input, it would fade the circuit back down to the original low-level setting.  Since the motion detector provided contact closure, the TriLight command will work with any contact closure device, whether it be a motion detector or not.  Range of ramp times (up=down) is from 0.1 to 25 seconds in tenth of a second increments. Range of inactivity time can be specified from 0.1 second to 109 minutes in tenth of second increments.

TriLight Cmdr PDF


  • TriLight Commander wo/Case –  $300
  • TriLight Commander w/Case   –  $400