7-Segment Timer/Counter Displays

1″ Tall and 2.25″ Tall Numerals, Three Digit Timers/Counters

Over the years we have developed numerous 7-segment displays. Most of them employ multiplexing to reduce current draw. We’ve designed displays that could be controlled by RS232 (true RS232 and TTL level RS232) , be used as timers or be used as counters. Most of the digital displays we have developed for clients were three digit displays. But, we also have two digit version that can be concatenated to form larger digit displays (from two to probably at least ten digits).

Below is a picture of two “Safety” kiosks that used one of our three digit countdown timers with increments of one-tenth seconds. The maze in the visitor tilt table platform had numerous fault holes the ball could fall through which terminated the game and zeroed out the display. If they made it all the way to the goal, the timer would stop and flash their score. All control electronics (except the detection switches) was provided in the timer display so the only thing left to do by the fabricator was install the micro switches and wiring.

Safety Maze Kiosks with Three Digit, 7-Segment Countdown Counters

Although most of our displays are red, they can be a variety of colors (green, red, blue and amber) and the numerals’ height can range from 5/8ths of an inch to 6 or 8 inches. The only problem with trying to specify a color or specific size is when the device is not in stock at a distributor. Special ordering a specific 7-segment display can be outlandishly expensive due to the large quantity (far exceeding the need for most projects) to interest the manufacturer. In any case, if you need LED (or LCD) digital display, contact us with your requirements to see what we can do.

Below is a demo video of one of our three digit displays used to time how long a visitor can balance simulated kayak.